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If You Will Only Marry Me

in the words within this song
there is a truth that you must know
I have known you for so long
as I have felt my feelings grow
here I beg you to accept me
now and for eternity
you will never have one moment of doubt
if you will only, only, marry me

I believe all else above
that these are now the words I want to say
you are the most important love in my life
I want to prove it to you every day
walk with me in everywhereness
and I promise I will be
everything that you would want me to be
if you will only, only, marry me

here from the deep inside my heart
there are a thousand feelings to convey
that if I have you as my partner in my life
I will be faithful to you night and day
I do not offer these words lightly
but with all solemnity
and your happiness is what mine will be
if you will only, only, marry me


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