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Laugh Until I Cry

once I thought I had everything,
you were just a step along the way
your love for me an amusing feckless fling
in a game, a card to play

and in the way all fools behave
proud and with a haughty heaving sigh
arrogantly I dismissed the love you gave
and I laughed and said goodbye

thinking my actions inconsequential I pursued just fun
serious love was not what I wanted to relate to

how I wish I could undo the self-destructive deed I've done
now that I've learnt my lesson, of course it's much too late to

yours was a heart that I took for granted was all mine to break
I pre-supposed I couldn't care anything about you

what kind of fool could make such a monumental crass mistake ?
I had to learn the hard way the pain of love without you

now in the mess of life I've made
crying all alone I ponder why
I ever played the thoughtless games I played
and until the day I die
I will laugh until I cry


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