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Come Live With Me And Be My Love

I'm quite determined you're the one
the complement for all my life
my personal necessity
I've got to get these words just so
to illustrate the love I feel

I've seldom mastered self-restraint
tell me if I come on too strong
my quintessential need is you
I need you as the sun needs day
I need you as the stars need night

from the moment I first saw you I felt something overwhelming
subtle strange affinity at work
that initial fascination's now become a deeper feeling
now I want your love to share my life

loud the winds howling speaking to me
in a full open cry to the sky
whispering how attractive you are

twisting me with a corkscrewing turn
opening up my bottle of dreams
letting my most romantic dreams flow

opportunity is calling, now's the time to take advantage
time to take that bull right by the horns
time to strike, the iron's hot now
time for blatant revelation
time to lay my feelings on the line

I do not have the slightest doubt
not one iota, not one jot
I've got to make you part of me
and woo you with some words of fire
that issue from a burning heart
now here's the thing that I suggest...
come live with me and be my love


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