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Let's Stalk

a bird was sitting in a tree, a rifleman did spot it
as he eyed it beadily and taking aim most carefully
he fired his gun and shot it

a pigeon flying peaceably was victim to some 'blood-sport'
out of no necessity but finding execution fun
a hunter cut its life short

killing for fun is quite normal and run-of-the-mill
softies who do not partake of the pleasure to kill
are just kill-joys

peaceful protesters will put on the dampers and doubt
but participation is all that this fun is about
oh, and murder

prowling round all predatory where live free-roaming game run
let's just kill them needlessly, why need we do things differently?
let's tell ourselves 'this is fun'

in the name of fun we oughta
butcher, shoot, and slay and slaughter

let's stalk !


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