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In The Dark Of The Lonely Night

sad to say I do not know your whereabouts or what you're doing right now in your life
time and tide conspire to keep me from you
or if you are happy now and with somebody else
or if you are thinking of me too
for it's as much as I can do to keep my dreams from following you

as within my heart I cross the bridge connecting still the sadness between now and then
dusky memories well up and start stealing back again
and in the sombreness of the light when I'm longing to cling to you
when the moon is aglow and the stars are a string of exotic pearls
my heart remembers the moment of madness I let you go from these loving arms
and in the dark of the lonely night
I dream and pray that you might come in my arms

evening light falls in the dark and shines on memories as lengthening shadows appear
just as I am thinking of you still
chronic aching recollections are lingering here
as inside my heart they always will
for it's the hardest thing of all to ask a dreamer not to recall

though it seems that in the brightness shapes of memories have melted away to thin air
eyes that linger in the faintness can see they are still there
and in the solitude late in the night when my memories turn to you
in the flickering patches of lightness and shade that surround it still
I stare, regretting in sheer disbelief that these empty arms ever let you go
and in the dark of my lonely night
I dream and pray that you might come in my arms once more


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