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Ladies and Gentlemen !

Ladies and Gentlemen !
sincerely we implore you
and beg to put before you
musical bouncing balloons
entertaining simple tunes
trifles that might amuse
greet them with cheers or boos...

Ladies and Gentlemen !
we hope that you will not shun
this musical concoction,
pot pourri, chalk and cheese,
our intent is but to please
and if these tunes amuse
broadcast and spread the news...

we don't want to alarm you but it really does appear
that maybe you're the only person who will ever hear
these Songs here in a Bottle floating on the wide web sea
they're crying to be heard - that's something we can guarantee
yeah dying to be heard - that's something we can guarantee

Ladies and Gentlemen !
please be not too disdainful
although some Songs be painful
(you might hear from the start
someone with a broken heart)
yet if his Songs amuse
what have you got to lose ?

may all your pecadillo woes be gone
now inadvertently you've come upon
all these Songs put in a Bottle..

and so we here conclude the overture
you've opened up the Bottle - now tilt and pour ...


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