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Yes I Love You

when I look at a beautiful star that shines in the sky above
with its light gently beckoning me to turn my thoughts to love
something there is so gentle and good in its simplicity
it reminds me of everything I have found you are to me

yes I love you, I can openly say
and I make no attempt to hide these emotions I feel inside
yes I love you, yes I honestly do
the fulfilment of all I ever dreamed of in one person I have found in you

I believe in some wonderful way that star is well aware
of its reason for lighting the night and softly shining there
there's a delicate secret it knows it is there to reveal
that's exactly the same everlasting tenderness I feel

yes I love you in that old-fashioned way
simply knowing right from the start
with my mind, with my head, my heart
yes I love you - plain and simple and true
I can think of no other way to tell you than to spend all of my life with you


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