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Only My Love for You

perhaps it is immodest of me to speak like this and say
examining my life, seems to me, it is perfect in every way
I do not say this arrogantly, as if I'm tempting fate
but I can only say what I feel in my heart, and my heart feels great

with every day that passes on by, with every single night
a feeling is in me I can only describe as fulfilled and right
I know that someone once coined a word like serendipity
and if it means that life is a beautiful thing, it applies to me

life is breezy, free and easy, more tranquil and serene
and more rosy, and more cosy, than it has ever been

it's time for me to state here and now what's manifestly true
that all this feeling good, feeling whole, feeling right I attribute to
only my love for you

words like splendour, warm, and tender, expressively somehow
seem just right for, apposite for, the way I'm feeling now

one thing alone, the cause of it all, one thing alone, it's true
made possible the heavenly, sweet paradise it has brought me to
only my love for, only my love for you


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