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You're What I Want

far too long I have been coy and timidly reserved and
like a simple shrinking violet cower and hide
all this while I have been keeeping feelings sublimated
and effectively suppressed while seething inside
well away with all that evasive vacillation
and all preposterous prevarication
life is too short to waste one second more
I need to strip my heart naked and bare for you

you have been for a long time my object of affection
frankly, what I feel for you is wanton desire
basic, raw, physical feeling, sexual emotion
driving me to want to know you, fanning a fire
candidly I'm obsessed with everything about you
won't contemplate a future spent without you
quite openly I want and seek and crave
an intimate relationship of love with you

take me now, exposed as I am
I'm open to any suggestive suggestion
drop your bomb and burst through a dam
I'm willing to answer whatever the question
wave your wand, I'm under your spell
like Ulysses under the magic of Circe
let me crawl right out of my shell
I'm placing my body and self at your mercy

publicly I'm making my choice
I'm putting myself on parade here before you
loudly at the top of my voice
I'm blatantly longing to say I adore you
strike me now, my iron is hot
I want to be shaped into something to fit you
pounce on me and take what I've got
I'm lying in wait and I'm waiting in situ

there it is, placed on the floor now, let's get down to brass tacks
let's get down to fundamentals - you're what I want
word for word, and you can quote me, let me spell it out now
any way you want to write it - you choose the font
no more shy, shilly-shally, no more pussyfooting
nor searching round for other ways of putting
what I must say, I'll lay it on a plate
I want to woo, seduce your heart and make it


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