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Please Return to Me

no matter what's gone before
I love you ever the more

when you have tired of all the superficial things that you thought might gratify
when you've concluded that the things that only last for a day don't satisfy
or realise that you were chasing but illusory dreams that pass on by
please return to me

or if you find that what you once had is a thing you are thinking of again
if you are looking for that moment when the starlight will shine above again
when fleeting pleasures have passed, and all you know is you need true love again
please return to me

I will not dwell on the past, those things are dusted and done
whatever's there on the slate
we'll wipe that clear - then we'll start from here

you went awander to discover all the things that you then felt free to do
ignoring all the declarations of an undying love from me to you
and yet regardless of that I simply offer this prayer and plea to you
please return to me

as for the things of the past, they do not matter at all
we'll place them all far behind
they're there and then - now we'll start again

if you are tiring of the present and are pining to find another day
if your experience has led you to believe that your erred and went astray
if there is even the slightest chance somewhere in your heart you feel that way
please return to me
please return to me
please return to me


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