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This Is A Typical Situation

this is a typical situation
I'm standing here just like some train stuck in the station
waiting for someone to make a reservation
but no-one seems to come along

nothing to show for no want of waiting
I'm finding every night perpetually frustrating
talking to myself and navel-contemplating
with only me for company
my conversation seems to be just soliloquy

I'm only seeking a good companion
I'm like a musketeer who's looking for D'Artagnan
but all my hollerings are lost in the Grand Canyon
can anybody out there hear ?

my nightly journey is quite unnerving
I'm trying every road, zig-zag and straight and curving
I'm clinging to wheel while swivelling and swerving
but no matter how much I've tried
although I'm offering a ride, no-one steps inside

now I've put on clothes from the coffers and I've dressed up to the nines
and I've touted special offers, and I've hung out bargain signs
I have blasted on a bugle and I've even pounded drums
nothing I play works the right way
waiting and waiting for something that just never comes

I have done everything that's needed just to get those shoppers buying
but it never has succeeded, and that's not for want of trying
every hour, every minute, hear me regularly chime
just like a clock going tick-tock
wasting and wasting and wasting and wasting my time

I start each night with the same illusion
the end of every night there's only one conclusion
a solitary walk home reft of all delusion
with aching regularity

pulled like a string every night I'm tauter
I'm driven like a lamb that's taken to the slaughter
I'm offering my bait, it's dangling in the water
I'm waiting for the fish to bite
but they show loss of appetite

this is a typical, typical, typical, typical situation


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