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A Dream Gone By

right from the start I was cast-iron certain
young and optimistically naive
lapping up lots of those happy-end stories
fairy-tales the young and gullible believe

time drifted by and I simply continued
looking at the world through rosy specs
castles in Spain and pie in the sky
I gulped it all down, even though I
was forewarned it was more complex

and for some inexplicable reason
known just to myself I wouldn't hear
cautionary voices issuing warnings
simple warnings that could not have been more clear

someday you will, predicted those voices
step into a trap and be ensnared
something will come to dash and dispel
all of your dreams - but when the blow fell
would you know ? I was unprepared

oh why did I not ponder ? why did I not wait ?
linger for one moment ? listen to those words and hesitate ?
oh why did I just let my tragedy unfold ?
why was it I could not stop and listen to what I was told ?

there's just one thing I now have to tell you
when first love has breathed its final sigh
after the grief, the hurt and the pains
after the heartbreak, all that remains
is the trace of a dream gone by


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