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In the Café at St Bees

in the café at St. Bees
that's where you must meet me
at the corner table

I'll be eating egg and chips
if you come on time, well
maybe you can have some

we'll sit watching breaking waves
on a heaving choppy sea
and we'll hear their heavy sound come crashing round us

meet meet meet me
meet meet me

all the clouds there way up high
gusty circulation
there's a strong wind out there

blowing leaves and flapping flags
snappy noises as they
point in all directions

later we'll walk on the shore
and confront the bracing wind
wrapped up warm and arm in arm, how lovely

meet meet meet me
meet meet me

curvy gliding on the wing
grey seagulls, baby, white seagulls baby
come squawk-squawking by

salty water and the sky
I can't decide just which is the greyer

as we walk upon the sand
the foamy white waves will try to reach us
and try to clutch our boots

we will skip and dodge those waves
we'll duck and weave and we'll cling together

in the café at St.Bees
I'll be drinking tea there
I'll get you a cuppa

in our usual corner spot
with that perfect sea-view
that's where I'll be waiting

I am looking forward to
sharing breakfast and a chat
after which we'll go and walk

I'm wanting you now ...

meet meet meet me
meet meet me


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