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My Son Is Gay

nothing was unusual that evening when my son began to say
" I am still your loving son and you have taught me honesty
and now the time has come for me to say I'm gay, I'm gay "

how hard it was there and then to bear the brunt
of that so long hidden truth he now forced me to confront
gay, gay, gay

when I learnt my son was gay
ambitions of all my years
were gone and collapsed in tears

my unquestioned future hopes
assumptions that I had made
all stopped at a barricade

now I had to take words seriously
now I had meanings of life to weigh

here before me was my son, who trusted in me
and who loved me enough to tell me he was gay

now the son I'd always taught
to seek what was fair and just
was offering me his trust

here was truth my son was speaking to me
here was the faith of reality

though my world seemed torn apart
I knew somewhere deep in my heart
I was proud he told me he was gay


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