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Father Christmas-Santa Claus

Father Christmas comes each year, hear the bells upon his sleigh
he's bringing girls and boys their cuddly toys
to find on Christmas Day

dressed up in a coat of red, on his head he wears a hood
in snow he hums and sings, and presents he brings
for kids who've been good

now you won't see him if you try to when he visits you
so don't try to peep, just stay fast asleep
( he knows if you've been a good boy )

now in some places other people call him Santa Claus
you can choose the name, he is just the same
( he knows if you've been a good girl )

and he visits everyone at this busy Christmas Time
with all his reindeeer who are taking him to
those chimneys he must climb

there are presents in his sack for all children who've been good
they'll wait excitedly and giggle with glee
because, you see, there's going to be
a visit from Father Christmas

hooray !


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