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Slow Dance

so now we've come to the end of the evening
and soon the lights will be on
and then the music and dance will be over
another night will be gone

it has been special just spending time with you
as so much more than a friend
the evening's perfect, I'm here and I'm with you
that1's how I want it to end - dancing close to you

we've sat aside and spent time simply talking
and now I know you much more
I feel I'm drawn to explore and be near you
much more than ever before

so while we're here and the dance lights are still low
to make the evening complete
come close to me and make my shoulder your pillow
and let me feel your heart beat - dancing close to me


as we lose all sense of time whatsoever
we slowly sway to and fro
in your embrace here I could linger forever
and never want to let go - staying close to you

how good it feels to be here and be with you
on such an evening as this
and as we come to the end of this slow dance
let's end it now with a kiss


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