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You Made the Man

you reached for the man whose life was a burden
with fences he never could mend
accepting defeat and dead-end
who couldn't believe in a friend
you offered him your time

his anger was high, his confidence low
and though he was down on the ground
you stood by the cynic you found
determined to turn him around
you showed him what was good

you made the man

you took the man who resented life
and you changed him
you took the man full of scornful bitterness
and you showed him tenderness
and you clung to him and you stayed with him
and you saved him

you took the man who was tired of life
and redeemed him
you took the man who believed in nothing much
and you gave a healing touch
and enfolded him and believed in him
and you saved him

and now with a smile he holds his head high
hes learnt how to fly with your wings
the joy that togetherness brings
hes blessed by a myriad things
you gave him back belief

you made the man


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