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How'm I Gonna Pay My Bills ?

I dawdle in daydreams, why should I bother ?
if I get up I just wonder what for
oh mr landlord tell yer I aint got no rent to give you
there's no point in that continued frantic knock at the door

cos my piggy-bank's empty, the point of life is pointless
and I can't afford the needs that I need
when I ain't got no pennies nor no dimes to rub together
and the meter's got this appetite so big I can't feed

well now I get the cheapest soap with strong carbolic stink
and every night it washes all my hopes right down the sink

I buy cheap razor blades, I try to make'em last
I use them half as quickly, but they wear out twice as fast

no life isn't easy, living it with nothing
in your pocket aint a bundle of thrills
it's alarmingly expensive just to wake up in the morning
with gas turned low as it can be
and the cost of electricity
now how'm I gonna pay my bills ?

my coffee-cup of life's diluted, so to speak,
my teabag on a string has got to last me for a week

I subexist on beans, I check the cheapest brand
they pretty much taste like my life all vacuous and bland

down on my luck now, no-one to help me,
and I'm eking out a life with no frills
and singing to myself provides my only entertainment
sometimes I simply sit and sob
if only I could get a job
now how'm I gonna pay my bills

how'm I gonna pay my bills ?


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