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Bring Out the Woman in Me

don't be too familiar, don't be too shy
let me see the truth reflected by the look in your eye
don't attempt to flatter indiscriminately
satisfy my feelings
bring out the woman in me

take the time to know me, show you want to share
never let me see you act or speak as if I were not there
give me conversation but intelligently
saturate my senses
bring out the woman in me

so respect who I represent
I am not mere tinsel or an ornament
recognise that I have a brain
always treat me as an equal
always treat me as your equal

tell me I'm attractive, but don't misconstrue
if you want to say I'm sexy, well, let me say it to you
for just as we are different, we are alike as can be
and inasmuch as you accept this
bring out the woman in me

I'm a woman
no more
no less


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