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Don't Live A Life of Never-Can-Be

lyrics by Dawn Sinclair
(June 2008 - click info for link to Dawn's many songs on Soundclick)

the worries that beset you as you travel through your life
might appear to be too daunting for you
it's possible that when you do encounter times of strife
even friends can't tell you just what to do
pulling your hair out might be your way
maybe a tipple gets you through the day
but persist and persevere and everything will be okay
just don't live a life of never-can-be

you fall in love too often, or you never fall at all
either one seems such a problem for you
but love is like a roundabout, you hang on or you fall
does it really matter which one you do ?
suffer the heartache, swallow the pain
throw in some tears from a broken dream again
but don't ever swap those nightmares as they rattle round your brain
for a boring life of never-can-be

can't you see that
this is your world, nothing is for free
a wonderful world of opportunity ?
but staring out your window
safely out of wind-blow
isn't really living you see ...

you must see that
all life's a gift, treat it preciously
a wonderful gift of opportunity
so don't wait to begin it
throw yourself right in it
and open up those eyes and they'll see ...

ambitions that entice you down the path of what could be
you might think are cunning snares in disguise
but why not step outside the box for possibility
and be damned if it is foolish or wise ?
rowing one-handed might not be a breeze
battling against the tide might bring you to your knees
but far better to explore the vastness of unconquered seas
than to live a life of never-can-be

don't live a life of never-can-be !


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