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Great Pain

a catalytic engine has to drive
administration-wise to thrust and thrive
the main thing is to keep the main thing main
to incrementalize the gotten gain
high-yield deliverables with added factors
from out-resourcing to the sub-contractors
for each executive we pinch and poach
let's excercise a bottom-up approach
with value added we can re-baseline
just disassociate and re-combine
and socialize this one within your team
first pre-assimilate and then downstream
foremarket trends and spreadsheet prognosis
probiotic moves assist symbiosis

our mission statement must be crystal clear
to see us profitwise rebound this year
as opportunities for growth downsize
we need to mini- and to maximise
counter-productivise with re-assignments
and touch it into play with re-alignments
to be successful not to just succeed
be leading-edge and be the best of breed
accelerating as we slow down the pace
to keep on running be ahead of the race
and with some thinking just outside of the box
we'll organise a corporation detox
parallelising strategic forces
re-excercising unit resources

we must of course apply the right logistics
lever and leverage the synergistics
discard, renew and then rebrand the label
promote, incentivise and thus enable
timeliness, quality - deliver them both
with pro-organic system top-down growth
and be pro-active with communication
empowerment, enablement and corporisation
provision enterprising plan execution
be ultra-pro-dynamic in problem solution


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