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Yours Eternally

you have to try to understand it wasn't easy to accept you were gone
moreover you just sprang it on me so unexpectedly
unknowingly I was at fault, it must have been something in me was remiss
for I did not remotely suspect you planned to walk away

considering the time that's past, those memories should all have melted and gone
and yet I still uncomfortably recall them vividly
you left me with a broken heart, admittedly it happened ages ago
but I still feel a lingering pain I cannot hold at bay

in every fundamental chore that I perform
the jigsaw pieces reassemble and reform
in every ordinary moment of a day
in my vivid dreams I'm near you
I see, I feel and I hear you

repeatedly there comes a pain
from cruel acceptance that you really are gone
the never-healing state of my mind -
that really doesn't change...

I can attempt to keep my mind preoccupied
by concentrating solely on the world outside
I can distract myself with ordinary things
but my feelings still about you
still know that they are without you

I can't forget or reconcile
the depth of my abiding longing for you
here in this song you might as well know
these words come from my heart, and they show
I love you still, and I always will be
Yours Eternally


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