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I Think I Am Falling in Love

for some time now I've been feeling
like my head and heart are reeling
and I'm falling, falling, falling, falling
deep in love with you

these swirling patterns in my head
these tears of happiness I shed
I'm all awash with words I've never said
I think I am falling in love

what can this new sensation be
that's grown and taken hold of me
this heightened super-sensitivity
I think I am falling in love

up in the skies
all the stars are glimmering through
here in my eyes
all the stars are shining just for you
for you

forget the past
when I kept my feet on the ground
now here at last
castles in the air are what I've found
I've found

this prickling underneath my skin
this sheer euphoria I'm in
I'm flying in a spiral and a spin
I think I am falling in love

that witchcraft presence in your eyes
the haunting power to hypnotise
there's only one conclusion to surmise
at last I am falling in love


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