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he mustn't let his eyes be seen to indulge
he mustn't let them linger long on the bulge
he must control that longing gaze
and practice hard a million ways
to sublimate the thoughts he mustn't divulge
and every glance is in control
a leaden shield protecting the soul
and every secretive thought is unspoken
how long will all of these things be unbroken alibis ?

he must suppress the need for comforting arms
and use excuses like preventative charms
he may desire a warm embrace
but won't let longing show in his face
he manufactures self-protective alarms
his body-moves and gestures hide
his secret passions burning inside
and all the while he's afraid of revealing
the simple truth he hides with concealing alibis

alibis, alibis

that sexy smile, that strong provocative dance
that manly strut, that pose and confident stance
enough to set his heart on on fire
unfetter dreams and sexual desire
but he must not betray by even one glance
he's self-denied and self-suppressed
he lives his life at others' behest
if truth's unknown, it is only because it
is never gonna come out of the closet - alibis

alibis, alibis


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