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Second Best

often when I need your company
you will totally abandon me
you don't try to find what I'm about
in lots of silly ways you leave me out
you don't put my feelings on your list
it's as if my feelings don't exist
when I'm needing you to talk with me
you concentrate on tv

when you're handling this heart of mine
you're as prickly as a porcupine
when my self-esteem is running low
I can sense that you don't want to know
you insist on having your own way
as for me I simply have no say
sometimes what you do can make me cry
a million tears - you don't ask why

must you always put me to the test ?
as far as you're concerned I'm always second best

love's supposed to be a two-way street
what we have right now is incomplete
when I call on you to be my mate
I don't feel that you reciprocate
with such heedlessness you stand aloof
my emotions need no further proof
cold, indifferent insouciance
is frozen there within your glance

must you always put me to the test ?
as far as you're concerned I'm always...

need you always put me to the test ?
in your priorities I'm always...

why d'you always put me to the test ?
it seems that in your eyes I'm always...

second best


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