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As a Matter of Fact

you have probably heard them, from the underground grapevine where rumours are rife
that I got it all wrong, like a jerk, and I didn't lift a finger to think about life

well you might as well know now, from this dumb horse's mouth I'll confirm, they're all true
as a matter of fact, I'll agree, the time for self-reproaching is long overdue

as a matter of fact I believed I was burning an endless fire
where the pleasure of flames warming me could only grow higher and higher

and I took to just drifting, thinking everything good would just happen to me
as a matter of fact I believed that everything in life would just fall from a tree

as for gradually wondering if the way I was living my life was quite right
if that came, I turned round and switched off and any second thoughts were all kept out of sight

as the doubts about life all began to emerge and to gnaw something strong
I just buried my head, put them all to one side, even though I knew something was wrong

I'd been stupidly thinking that the time to put everything right could just wait
as a matter of fact I believe now I've left that all a little too late . . .


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