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My Love Receives Expression Through You

I can offer you no explanation
I can only make this observation
when you're with me all the world feels warm and bright

could it be the gods are intervening ?
using you to give my life a meaning ?
when I'm with you all the world just seems so right
with each thing in a beautiful place

such gentle satisfaction being with you brings
I've often spent my time reflecting on such things
how when you're here with me the world's alive and life's for living :
my love receives expression through you

to feel your love in everything we have and share
brings pure contentment flowing just because you're there
there's not a thing I hear that doesn't have your voice behind it :
my love receives expression through you

the heart won't lend itself to rational deliberation
for it has reasons all of its own
and my heart knows all is right
when it can see the loving light within your eyes shine brightly

maybe it's not within my gift to understand.
why question miracles reposing in one's hand ?
something so wonderful defies mere mortal comprehension :
my love receives expression through you

maybe if I could try to stretch my poor imagination
I could pinpoint the cause of it all
but though I strive with all my might
all of my reason would alight at just one thing - I love you

I don't seek answers, for my heart is satisfied
I bless the miracle of you here by my side
I'll never understand, but I'll be ever grateful for this :
my love receives expression
my love receives expression
my love receives expression through you, my love


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