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The Charleston

in this wild day and age there is many a new rage
that springs from terpsechorean muses
here's a dance that I find unmistakably designed
to blow out everyone's fuses ...

there is a dance that's going round
that gets those coils and springs unwound
those crazy kids all call it the Charleston

it's got a tuneful, happy beat
that makes you want to tap your feet
now everybody's doing the Charleston

every boy, every girl likes to tread upon the floorboard lightly
under the stars
and they all spill and spoon underneath a harvest moon

now everyone is going mad
over this brand new latest fad
frightfully happy when they can dance the dance they call wunderbar
spiffingly happy doing the Charleston

simply divine

it works its way on everyone
exploding like a megaton
that moody magic there in the Charleston

when that melodic tune repeats
it pulls and lifts them off their seats
that crazy rhythm there in the Charleston

there and now telling you
grab your partner now and hold them tightly
there in your arms
then let go, drain those dregs, wave those arms and shake those legs

then start to jive and syncopate
and mingle in and congregate
and lose yourself in all that intoxicating hypnotic sound

you will be happy doing the
frightfully happy doing the
let's all be happy doing the Charleston

(no - wait a minute - did I say Charleston ?
what I meant was....
anyway, it's frightfully good...)


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