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It Serves You Right

summary retribution always is meted out
rest sure that restitution will find a way to make you pay

there is a scientific law that everyone must learn
for every action you perform you'll get one in return
each selfish gesture will rebound like bullets ricochet
if you cause heartache you'll be bound to in the end repay

oh I was on the receiving end
of such an act of deceit from a duplicitous friend
oh I should have been given a prize
for like a cat with some cream I lapped up all of your lies

oh you went all for broken or bust
you plunged a knife in my heart from your position of trust
oh you were such a consummate liar
now lies explode in your face I'll sit and watch them backfire

you went a made a fool of me, but now you faint in fright
you've found what goes round comes back round, you now regret your plight
so now you've got what you deserve, oh well it serves you right

it serves you right !


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