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Could That Someone Be You ?

I sat fist-clenching, knuckles knurled
reading the parlous state of this world
as headlines left me fuming with rage
I took to turning the page

to something I derided with scorn
yet my attention strangely was drawn
what action might befall me today ?
what did my horoscope say ?

it said the signs present as a lucky portent
it said a love-line was linking my stars
it said the symmetry was lying propitiously
it said that Uranus is now aligned with Mars

it said that by some strange instance
today you'll meet Someone just by chance
right there and then you'll know that this
is Someone you'll have to kiss

of course, I laughed a bit, as I have to admit
such stuff is palpable absurdity
and yet the thought, you know, took hold and wouldn't let go
quite strange for somebody as skeptical as me

along some avenue I was walking, and you
inadvertently bumped into me
I was transfixed and held, I felt obliged and compelled
to view your lovely lips for an eternity

in that one look, and in that glance
completely I was rapt in a trance
so, if predictions can come true, the way that miracles do
well - could that Someone be you ?


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