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Under A Moon Above

crimson and warm orange from a setting sun all dreamy
red tinge and fiery fringe turning into embers creamy clouds
in a sunset display, gently fading away, till one last gleaming ray

light waning lyrical, softer shadows melting, yielding
warm zephyrs lilt and lull sensibilities unshielding now
as the ceiling above dons a heavenly hue
gradually darkening to a passionate blue

are those the stars above appearing
all diamond eyes in joyful expectation
witnesses to a prelude into a dream ?

is this the why that I have lived for ?
is here and now the place and time intended ?
dare I believe this is that moment supreme ?

I am beckoned to stand on the threshold of a dream, a dream
and am bid place my hand on my heart, my heart
to feel within my heart

soft light and evening fair, clemently the breezes breezing
mood music everywhere, could an evening charm more pleasingly ?
there where fantasy flies, waking, opening eyes looking down from the skies

under a moon above letting loose imagination
bold fancies turn to love, setting heart and inspiration free
can this miracle be ? can this really be so ?
is this true ? are you here in this magical glow ?

are these my arms which now embrace you ?
is this my cheek that now is touching your cheek ?
is this my heart in syncopation with yours ?

are those your lips mine are now kissing ?
are those your eyes with mine exchanging glances
daring to dream and promise forevermores ?

in this sharing surrender the universe and time stand still
in the mystical splendour of two as one
who linger in the sweetness they have found in unity


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