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like ginger jam in a jar
or milk in a measuring jug
comfy and cosy and all ring a rosy and
snug as a bug in a rug
that's how I feel with you there
lubbly and jubbly inside
I never think we haven't got a lot now
I wouldn't change a single thing we've got now
all that I need's a little look at you
and I'm in love again

once in a while we both go
out for a ride on a bike
back for a bit of nosh
I make some orange-squash
I know the strength that you like
I like to tinker about
you like to lie in the shade
in the back-garden, when the weather's hotter
I dig the weeds, and while I have a potter
I wipe my brow, and glance across at you
and I'm in love again

I know how to rub you when your leg's sore
you know just how long to boil my eggs for
we're a match and we belong together
a fine-fitting pair of shoes

and another thing that's really nice is
with a cherry cake we cut two slices
share and share alike is how we like it
I serve and then you choose

in the middle of a conversation
I can sometimes lose my concentration
and that pleasant momentary distraction
is someone that I adore

I've got you to sit and watch tv with
I've got you to share a pot of tea with
I've got you to make each moment special
what more could I ask for ?

how ordinary we are
as commonplace as can be
I think that every day in each and every way
you are the partner for me
mornings are good with you there
breakfast in bed with some tea
weekends are best, we lie in bed for ages
I read the news and when I turn the pages
I scratch my nose and then I look at you
and I'm in love again
in love again

any more tea in the pot ?


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