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when you sing with excellent musicians
they can make the singer's job seem light
they provide that bed of notes on which the vocal floats
and then the job is but pure delight

when you vocalise a tender lyric
phrasing what the writer had in mind
your success revolves around the reinforcing sound
of all those players just behind

the man on the keys pours you notes by the bowlful
saxophonists play something sinful and soulful
guitarists can give you that good sense of rhythm
percussionists play and you have to stay with'm

each instrument takes a small part of the action
the way that they blend leads to full satisfaction
delivering notes written by a composer
the way that they do, it just adds quelquechose

when you give a consummate performance
please remember you don't work alone
don't forget to give a hand to members of the band
their contribution is profound
you just complement the sound
of that fine music those musicians make


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