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She's a Definite Woman

she's a definite woman - she can deal with anything she's a mind to
she's a definite woman - she can turn to anything she's inclined to
she exercises will and there is nothing she'll be confined to

she's a definite woman - real thing no counterfeit-imitation
she's a definite woman - with a will that won't accept limitation
embodied femininity, the jewel crowning all creation

if you imagine now as best as you can
the kind of a man who hatches a plan in detail

who thinks of woman as a trap to be set
a catch in the net, I'm willing to bet that he'll fail

too hot to handle, a million-watt candle, she's female

and when she's got that resolute determination in her eyes
she could drive in reverse right around the universe, yeah
if you think you're on top you're kidding yourself
deluding yourself, deceiving yourself that you choose

because if you believe it's easy to shake
her foot off the brake, you make a mistake, and you lose

not when she settles her feet on the pedals in new shoes

and it's the height of self-delusion to believe it's otherwise
when you stand there in the goal
she's the one who's in control, yeah

she's a definite woman - any signal you emit she will pick up
she's a definite woman - when she speaks in sotto voice all ears prick up
she can stop you in your tracks and with one gesture remove your hiccup

she's a definite woman ......


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