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Never Mind

(sung by Dale North)

so, you walked out, and you left me to cry all alone - never mind
left me to cope with the rest of my life on my own - never mind
for my unquestioning trust it seems poetically just
I simply laid my heart bare and you betrayed what was there

I was naive not to know there was something to fear - never mind
not even once did I doubt that your love was sincere - never mind
it came as total surprise to learn your words were all lies, so now with hindsight I'm wise
and all that's left is loneliness, and memories of loving you - never mind

do you know how it feels when a person is rejected?
how much greater the pain when it comes as unexpected ?
you feel a hurt and a wrong, you feel that life is too long
you're simply left with the years and with a surfeit of tears
and with the hope that unhappiness fades with the passage of time ...

did I really deserve such a stark humiliation?
don't you think that at least I deserved an explanation ?
was it a tragic mistake I didn't know I could make ?
I need to know what it was I need to find out because
I have a fear that unless I find out I will make it again

well, what's the use ? I can weep, but the damage is done - never mind
hurt, pain and pride hide inside where my tears do not run - never mind
to think that once the sun shone, how hard it is to go on with all my innocence gone
now all that's left is loneliness, and memories of loving you - never mind
never mind


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