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all the clouds are disappearing, evening stars begin appearing
and the sky becomes aglister with the fullness of the moon

now the guarded veils are lifting and there's distant music drifting
that evocatively plays a familiar tune

and the heart goes reminiscing in pursuit of something missing
ever present in the background poignant rhythmic music plays

thoughts in pondering reflection and in dreamy recollection
bringing back those long agos and those faraways

here in the heart a misty key turns and unlocks a mystery
here in the heart sweet music flows
in the dark of night memories return and an ember glows

here in the heart the music plays softly recalling yesterdays
here in the heart old love returns
and a flint is struck and a flame is lit and a candle burns

and the sentiments surrender to the memories so tender
with the music gently wafting under sleepy stars above

for the rhythm of the tango means remembrance never can go
for that music in the heart is the dance of love
yes that music in the heart is the dance of love


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