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New Orleans

just take a streetcar along St.Charles Avenue
and get right down to the pure nitty-gritty
in what they call the Most Interesting City
with levees and bayous impressive and pretty

another feature of this particular place
to which I simply must draw your attention
you'll recognise it the moment I mention
it takes paradise to a different dimension

get blown away by all those music-scenes
in New Orleans

the Mississippi lies down and floats on its back
all kind of slow and just go as you pleasey
right through the place that they call the Big Easy
with tropical winds blowing balmy and breezy

another footstep and you'll be finding yourself
within a quarter where they parler francais
you'll hear some music, and instantly penser
that you've got the urge to just get up and danser
and not one single killjoy intervenes
in New Orleans

anyone who comes along and searches
in the great Louisiana Purchase
doesn't have to linger long to feel
the music in the air that keeps on swinging there

and everyone with soul knows what that means
in New Orleans

all your inner inhibitions vanish
in Americana French and Spanish
so the fact that everyone's got soul
let's put that solely on Monsieur Napoleon

down by the river just take a lazy steamboat
and it will rob you of any resistance
as you just stare through the delicate mist and
sit back and behold from a beautiful distance

the city bustles and makes a musical noise
and there's a genuine joy generated
by tooting flutes and the trumpets gold-plated
that gleam in the place where true jazz was created

no finer place to bounce those music beans
than New Orleans

and that's that


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