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If You Love Him

no fear of repetition if you love him
no reticence in what you have to say
no awkward inhibition if you love him
what you would have him know
just let your feelings show

no timid hesitating if you love him
just simple demonstrating every way
the way that he has made your happiness start
the way that he has made a home in your heart
if you love him you must show him every day

tell him for sure he is most definitely
the one you build your world upon
tell him he's sexy and that he'll always be
the only one who turns you on
and tell him once again that it is true
he is the only one who does it for you

tell him most softly and most intimately
that you do love him very much
tell him you need him and are longing to be
the one responsive to his touch
unlock your heart and let those feelings out
in such a way that you will leave him no doubt

display all your affection if you love him
allow your inner feelings into play
the way he makes your life and everything sweet
the way he makes you feel fulfilled and complete
now if you love him you must demonstrate it
if you love him you must clearly state it
if you love him you must show him every day


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