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Someone in the Bed

(lyrics by Andy Brettell)

you walk alone whilst most folk sleep
you get involved, but not too deep
you body-build ignoring pain
you never give except for gain
with drugs and drink you screw your head
just so there's someone in the bed

you talk to people you don't like
but don't discuss this with your psych
you buy the things you're told you should
and most are trash, and some's too good
you think you lead, but end up led
just so there's someone in the bed

and you're loved by so many so you favour the few
but deep down you're so lonely always searching for you
and your life gets more empty fighting life on your own
so you don't have the courage to go home all alone

you go with phonies whom you hate
you search dark corners for a mate
you wear a mask that's vain and proud
and laugh a lot, always too loud
you sell your soul and hide your dread
just so there's someone in the bed


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