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Most of All

you know their foibles and weaknesses and much more beside
you try to help and encourage when they have wounded pride
they are your inspiration
you draw your strength from all they do
to know that they need you

sometimes they don't listen to good advice that others teach
they bite off more than they know they can chew, they overreach
you know their aspirations
you know the things they strive to do
they mean the world to you

and sometimes they need your faith and they call
that's when you love them most of all

sometimes enthusiastic
sometimes they'll even boast
but sometimes they'll be dejected
that's when you love them the most

sometimes they're strong and heady
sometimes they roller-coast
but when they lose direction
that's when you love them the most

perhaps the fallible person inside will get things wrong
you always offer your love and support and keep them strong
they are your inspiration
and they mean everything to you
in everything they do

and if their spirit should tumble and fall
that's when you love them most of all


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