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You're Yesterday

look, baby, in my face
do your eyes detect the merest trace
of a contact lens that's washed out of place ?
no, babe, you're yesterday

truth told, I'm willing to bet
that you thought you'd see these features fret
but I do not feel the slightest regret
no, babe, you're yesterday

so the fireworks began to run out of fizz
but let's not exaggerate this for what it is
for a temporary thing just reached its own ending
evidently, that's ok

so, do you hear fire alarms ?
catch me quivering with quakes and qualms
missing those embraces linked with your arms ?
no, babe, you're yesterday

there was mutual attraction right from the start
it was satisfactory for the major part
but the sparkle fizzled out and it reached its conclusion
what else is there left to say ?

come closer, can you see
vestiges of high anxiety
just because our thing was not meant to be ?
no, babe, you're yesterday

did you think ghosts would haunt ?
or you'd find one finger pulled out of joint ?
sorry to deceive you and disappoint
no, babe, you're yesterday

our fling has run all its course
so am I suicidal post divorce ?
do you think I'm racked with grief and remorse ?
no, babe, you're yesterday

it remained intoxicating for quite a while
and was quite invigorating and volatile
but the transient effects of the drug have now worn off
vaporised and boiled away

so, do you think that the pang
when our love-affair went boom and bang
made my taste for life start losing its tang ?
no, babe, you're yesterday

do you think I remain
in a state of dull shell-shock and pain ?
sinking under all the stress and the strain ?
no, babe, you're yesterday

do you think I still keep
turning in my bed and losing my sleep ?
wiping up the mess from tears that I weep ?
no, babe, you're yesterday

me harbour self-reproach ?
just because I let my heart once approach
and hold out a hand to stroke a cockroach ?
no, babe, you're yesterday


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