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the U. S. of A.

so many parts that make up the one big power
for every one a capital, a flag, and a flower
so now for you I'd like to quantify, if I may
the fifty states that constitute the U. S. of A.

there's Arizona, Kansas, Delaware
and Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire
North Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, Idaho

there's Mississippi, Texas, Washington
Rhode Island, Oklahoma, and Vermont
there's West Virginia, Maryland and New Mexico

and in the year of 1776
came independence as you heard the sound of beating drumsticks
and after they had put Civil War aside
the links and treaties with the Union became ratified

there's Pennsylvania, New York, Hawaii
Ohio, Iowa and Tennessee
and California, Alabama and Illinois

there's Colorado, Montana, New Jersey
Virginia, Oregon, plus Kentucky
Louisiana, Utah, Florida, and Missouri

the Mid-West, the North-East, the South, the West
it's up to where you're born precisely where you think is the best
to be frank, the bit that I love the most
is top and bottom, all the middle, and the east and west coast

there's South Dakota and Nebraska too
there's Minnesota and Nevada ooh
there's Indiana, oh, and Michigan you can go ta

and there's Alaska and then Wisconsin
South Carolina state and Wyoming
Connecticut, and then there's finally North Dakota

they're the U. S. of A.


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