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A Victim of Love

from protected concrete states
to consistency of jelly wobbling on plates
a familiar constitution for a victim of love

reason feverishly looks
for an answer in old philosophical books
but won't find one single word there for a victim of love

sensibilities go where all certainty's riddled with doubt
in vague sun where a misty rainbow has its colours all rinsed and washed out

indecision bound with hope
turns the key for release but perversely won't open
the handcuffs on the wrists of a victim of love

there's disjuncture in all joints
and disorientation at all compass points
signing each and every way for a victim of love

an emotional ride into territory dark and unknown
where the conflict that's raging inside sheds reluctance to not be alone

pupils linger and dilate
and observe as free will is abandoned to fate
with the option of no choice for a victim of love

endless longing to climb and arrive at the top of the hill
and invading sensations of time running slow, running fast, standing still

contradictory lost and found
plus perplexity trouncing the heart and confounding
the meaning of existence for a victim of love
for the last time, till the next time, you're a victim of love

originally titled every woman

lyrics started wed jan 28th 2009 got idea for new title
finished fri jan 30th
recording finished sunday feb 1st 2009 13:36
stephen fry's english delight being repeated on radio 4

where the strange and absurd
and the cry of a cruel mocking-bird is the loudest xx of them all

xx come in out of the cold


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