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Blue Shirt

we sat stupid in a silence that had lasted long
my instincts told me there was something that was very wrong
and isn't is absurd ? you didn't have say a word

in that atmosphere I waited apprehensively
averting glances you were casting, self-defensively
determined to delay what I knew you were going to say

what will you do ? my silent question to you
and the reply was written there in your eye
there to be read was every word yet unsaid

maybe we are coming to an end

'you might leave me' are the words that I read loud and clear
'please don't leave me' are the words that I want you to hear

difficulty that we have had recently
can be resolved if compromise is involved
name my mistakes, I'll do whatever it takes

maybe we can make another start

'I still love you' are the words here written on my heart
'I still love you' are the words ignored as you depart


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