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How Did I Lose You ?

how did I lose you ?
where did I make my mistake ?
did I not realise exactly what I had, for goodness sake ?
was I short-sighted ?
why could I not see things straight ?
and not appreciate just what I had until too late ?

how did I lose you ?
exactly where was I wrong ?
was I too weak to know the treasure in my hands ? or too headstrong ?
where did I falter ? where did I stumble and fall
and in my carelessness lose the dearest thing of all ?

did I not see the signs ?
did I ignore some elementary warning ?
not read between the lines ?
nor see that red must presage morning ?

how did I lose you?
precisely where did I fail ?
how did I come to be neglectful and let stupidness prevail ?
was I complacent ? why did I not think things through ?
so I will ask myself all my life - what did I do ?

how did I lose your love ?


(can substitute he-she-you throughout)


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