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Till the End of Time

to use a rare poetic phrase
like amaranthine I will love you always

there does exist, though it's hard to comprehend
the set of infinite things that never end
our love will fit in that paradigm
till the end of time

the answer to just how long our love will last
by master mathematicians will be classed
just like the sequence of numbers prime
till the end of time

till the end of time
just as one and one equals two
like an axiom ever true
I'll be giving my love to you

within the wonderful world where words abound
some combinations can make the perfect sound
like matching syllables we will rhyme
till the end of time

till the end of time
just as two and two equals four
an equation without a flaw
and enduring forevermore

till the end of time
with unlimited constancy
in a measureless way, you'll see
I'll be loving you endlessly

like lines of love drawing our affinity
from here and now stretching to infinity
our tender loving will be sublime
till the end of time

how many are the sun's sweet rays ?
how do I love thee ? oh well, let me count the ways . . .


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