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One Goodbye

'goodbye' was all I heard before you opened the door
'goodbye' I do not know if you said anything more

one goodbye was all that it took to lead to disillusion
shatter my world and make it all confusion for always
one farewell that broke the assumptions of a firm believer
no other victim could have been naiver in all ways

suddenly my eyes could only see repudiation of life's foundation
frantically I searched for the reason why you'd want to end it
tell me the reason and I'll try to mend it, I begged you
but no reply, no reason why, I'm left with one goodbye

no attempt to explain, why you depart and I remain alone and without a clue
with not a single inkling of the things that aggravated you
no desire to explore, you just desert forevermore
the true love you leave behind, now that really was unkind

this is not sensible, in no way comprehensible, to leave me with just one word
if you said some others, well, there was only one I heard
don't you think I should know the reasons why you'd want to go
I beg you with all my might, please let me put up a fight

one goodbye, a stab in the heart just as that word was spoken
in one fell swoop the will to live was broken inside me
one need to cry, one wish to die, because of one goodbye


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