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It's a Fact

throughout the annals of sensitive literature writers of fiction and non-fiction alike
have sought to describe the feelings of human universality
many have endeavoured to delve deep into the psyche
and then proposed a fulsome analysis of exactly what attracts one person to another
the most fundamental truth of all is that there is the phenomenon of elective affinity

it's a fact - I look at you, you turn me on

how many hours and years of reflection and thought have been devoted
to ascertaining the initial causes and the consequences of mutual attraction ?
one man may be attracted to a woman, a woman to a man
and yes, one man to another, and likewise one woman to another woman
there is no subtle differentiation in the validity of all these feelings
they are all part of a wondrous creation and to be feted as such

it's a fact - I look at you, you turn me on

many detractors have sought to thwart and distort the sweet and godly simplicity
of love between two adult sentient human-beings
and many religions especially are hung-up on definitions of human love
with proscriptions explicable only as coming from screwed-up individuals in history
thank God we now live in a time of intelligent authors and sensible people

it's a fact - I look at you, you turn me on


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