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Lightning, Rain, and Thunder

hot is the summer haze, humid and hanging heavy
moist as it clings to clothes, giant hands clap out thunder

shock in the atmosphere, ominous and electric
pregnant with what's to come, heaven is rent wide open

the skies explode billowing sound
and lightning forks streak to the ground

windswept and tempest tossed, heart of the storm is breaking
mesmerically afraid, frightened in fascination

trumpeting loud revenge, deities pounding wardrums
scurrying creatures hide, cowering for protection

the laden clouds bubble and burst
soaking the soil, quenching its thirst

pipes all in overflow, flushing and gushing water
fowl flying through the sky, making a dash for safety

wind sweeps through the trees, bending the boughs, shaking the leaves
peach, apple and pear yield perfume and fragrance the air

roofs spit off the rains, predatory flows flood through the lanes
wind lashes and flails watery sheets, watery veils

one million static volts split-second light escaping
moment'ry everything bathed in intensive whiteness

nothing but pouring rain hiding the world behind it
promising now no end, as if to last forever

mark the sky - the lightning, rain, and thunder
mark the sky - the lightning, rain, and thunder


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