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loneliness, you've joined me for another evening
loneliness, you've listened to my silent shout
sitting here in my own emptiness killing time
making out some silly faces in the blank wallpaper
loneliness, you just won't leave me out

loneliness, you've come and sat down right beside me
loneliness, returning though you don't say when
there's that same sickening monotone ticking clock
on the wall I think I'll go and bang my head against it
loneliness, you're visiting again

I've not forgotten that you stayed too long before
so now what's prompted you to visit me once more ?

why are you wasting your time
to call on me one more time ?

loneliness, you're toying with the same emotions
loneliness, you're pulling one more stupid stunt
and once more you invite me to read
to the very last page another stupid book on nihilism
loneliness, I know it back to front

I try to tell you you can go, you've done your stint
I try to tell you but you just won't take the hint

loneliness, you just can't tell when you're not wanted
loneliness, once more you're messing me about
liberally handing out just for me once again
an invitation to another bout of deep depression
loneliness, I just can't work you out

loneliness, what are you all about ?


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